What is Duplex: The indisputable allure of luxury

The duplex apartment type has appeared for a long time. It is often found in high-end condominiums for the elite. So what is Duplex? What are the Duplex Apartments? What advantages does it have? Join ALPHAHOUSING.VN to find out information about Duplex apartments. You will understand more about the type of real estate that is making many people watch the most today.

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Duplex: The destination of the elite

Anyone wants to own a Duplex apartment. However, not everyone is able to fulfill that desire. In fact, only the elite can afford such an apartment. Because Duplex apartments usually cost many times higher than normal apartments.

What is a Duplex?

A duplex is a flat-floor apartment, consisting of 2 floors or more and is usually built on the higher floors of large buildings. The staircase is designed fully inside the apartment. These apartments will have the full facilities of a house. Furniture of Duplex apartment will also be selected from famous furniture brands. The amenities in the apartment are always selected as the best and most modern.

Thus, you can completely understand what Duplex penthouses are or what a Duplex room is. This is truly the most unique type of housing available today.

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Duplex apartment for who?

Duplex apartments are only for successful businessmen, singers, celebrities. Because not only the purchase price, the service price of the apartment, the price of electricity, water, living costs and other costs will also be much higher than that of an ordinary apartment.

Without good financial conditions, you cannot own a Duplex apartment. The payment for the services in these apartments is also impossible.

The trend of renting a Duplex instead of a villa

The rental price of a Duplex apartment is not low, even with a high price equivalent to that of large villas. However, the rich tend to rent a Duplex instead of a villa. Because for the upper class, the safety factor comes first. Duplex apartments are always tightened on security, professionally protected 24/7.

In addition, the number of security cameras installed in the corridor is also twice as many as the normal floors. In addition, Duplex apartment owners are also issued a card to use the private elevator. These are the factors that make the trend of looking for a Duplex apartment to increase.

The outstanding advantages that Duplex offers

In addition to the above factors, Duplex apartments have many outstanding and special advantages that are rarely seen in other types of apartments. Notably, the unique design, airy overhead space, modern amenities, luxury furniture … only found in Duplex apartments.

What is Duplex’s unique and luxurious design?

It is a unique and novel cross-floor design that attracts everyone’s attention. Apartment architecture has broken the path of classical house architecture. The wall separating the room spaces is minimized, only use curtains in private areas such as bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms. This makes your apartment much more spacious and airy.

Enjoy the life of a multi-story house right in the apartment

The apartment will be designed on the floor with stairs located right in the apartment. Make your apartment look like a house on the ground with many floors. Therefore, the Duplex apartment is also very suitable for many families. It is not as inconvenient as ordinary apartments, only suitable for small families.

Spacious and airy space

Unique design, limited partition walls will make your apartment space more spacious and airy. You can completely freely design the idea of ​​a gym, theater, book room or bar … right inside your house without worrying about the size limit of the house.

What is the special point in the view of the Duplex room?
Duplex apartments are maximizing the viewing angle with the design surrounded by tempered glass and placed on high. In any position in the apartment, you can comfortably enjoy a panoramic view of the city. From there, it can create a feeling of relaxation and comfort after stressful working hours.

Make the most of natural light

Also because most of the exposed area of ​​the apartment to the outside is made of glass, you can fully make the most of natural light for your apartment. Sunlight is also considered as an active energy source of nature. Sunshine will make your home bright, joyful and full of life.

High-class furniture

All the furniture inside the apartment is used with the most high-end and luxury goods. For example, kitchen countertops are used with granite, precious wood furniture, materials are used stainless steel … Equipment in the apartment such as air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, heating system … Also used the most modern type.

What are the classy amenities of a Duplex?

Not stopping there, Duplex offers its residents a wide range of convenient and classy services. Everyone will have access to the private elevator of the building with guaranteed security.
Security team is always on duty, guarding residents 24/7. Along with that, a series of cameras everywhere will make people’s living spaces more safe. Area hygiene is also guaranteed when staff are on duty, cleaning continuously.


Are the prices for Duplex apartments high?

Apartments will usually only cost from $ 1000 / month. But for Duplex apartments, this price increases to the level of $ 2,000 / month, depending on the location of the apartment. Even in many urban projects, the price of a Duplex apartment can be three times higher than the average apartment.

What is the difference between Penthouse and Duplex?

Like a Duplex, a Penthouse is a modern and high-class apartment for the upper class. It also has the advantages of convenience, originality, modernity and luxury.

The only difference between the two types is that the Penthouse is built only on the top floor, with space outside the apartment under the eaves. Duplex apartments do not have that space and can be placed on attic floors.


The Duplex apartment is also a relatively new concept. With its unique design, luxurious interior, modern amenities … it makes anyone satisfied. Duplex really satisfies all the requirements of customers with an apartment.
Hopefully, this article provides you with complete information about Duplex apartments. At this point, you can completely answer what a Duplex is. From there, make the choice that best suits your needs.