Things you need to keep in mind when looking for a room to stay in order to avoid confusion

Sapo: Renting a room – finding people to live together (tim nguoi o ghep) is the concern of many students and workers who are far away from their hometowns looking to cities to study and work. However, to find a room to rent tim phong tro – finding a cheap, clean accommodation is not easy.

Determine the area to live and rent

Alo Nha Tro Will help when Everyone wants to be in or near the city center or townhouse, but this will depend on your financial situation as the rents in these places are quite expensive. You should find a home tim phong tro starting from the most important factor – money: The price you can rent as well as the amount of deposit you can prepare to give “immediately”.

Usually, you need to deposit a month for small rooms, 2-3 months deposit for large rooms, apartments or depending on the request. With my experience, you should consider carefully before choosing to stay in houses that require a monthly rent deposit. For example, a short 5-month advance payment, because of that you do not know how your room will be, when you are bored and want to move, it is very difficult to have to accept losing the remaining 4 months’ payment.


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Next, you need to pay attention to the area where you plan to rent. Please pay attention to the locations that are most convenient for you to study and work, densely populated areas, near markets and hospitals. Although some areas have frequent traffic jams, you can completely overcome this by taking the bus or take the initiative to go a little early and late, find easy-to-flow routes.

In addition, please also pay attention to find out if this area is often flooded when it rains or there are dangerous social evils. When going to see the house, take advantage of asking people around about the security of the neighborhood and pay a little attention on the lives of the neighbors. If you are in an alley, this problem is very noticeable. Do not look for hostels that are too far away, too remote and should be limited to places with many evils such as gambling, many karaoke bars, gathering pubs etc…

Quality of accommodation

The accommodation space partly depends on the number of people to live and attached furniture, be careful about the area of ​​the room to live comfortably, not too tight will make all activities inconvenient or too large will waste your money.

When you rent a room (thue phong), you will have 2 cases: Stay with the landlord or not, tim nguoi o ghep.

Often, renters tend not to live with the landlord so they can enjoy their time and freedom of life. So before you decide to rent a separate room, you should carefully check the electrical equipment, plumbing as well as other available items in the house to see if there is any damage before you check in to rent to the landlord repair and to prevent you from incurring costs that are not your own.


You need to carefully check the room and make a confirmation before moving in

– If you live with an owner, you should choose a host who has a living time that suits you and doesn’t interfere with your own life. It is not easy to know if the landlord “suits” you or not, but pay attention through the times you interact, talk when you come to see the house. You can ask for more information such as “Can I take you back to play?”, “Will I be too late at night?” etc… and asked for the key to the gate and private room.

Check the information in the contract

Usually when renting a boarding house, very few people make a contract. You should ask the landlord to make a contract and should also mention the deposit of the rental room in the contract, in case of moving before the specified time, what is the deposit amount? And the time to pay the room is every month or pay 1 at 3 months. Money incurred for Internet, electricity and water charges, etc… must be specified in the contract.

Before entering the room, you should also check the current state of the facilities inside so that until you move out, you will not be forced to do so. In the first month when you move in, you need to check the number on the electricity and water meter to avoid the case of paying utility bill to the previous user.

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