Sunshine City – Model of a high-class closed urban area

Sunshine City – hanoi

The compound model (closed city) is becoming the first choice of home buyers today. In addition to fully equipped facilities to meet all living needs, from fun, entertainment, study to health, this model is also an effective security solution in modern society.
Ensuring a healthy living space due to less traffic, more energy consumption thanks to a centralized infrastructure system, saving travel costs, infrastructure investment and management costs, creating close cohesive community… a series of advantages of a closed urban area have made this trend become a favorite choice of the people of the capital.

Closed urban areas – a top priority for urban residents

Reality shows: The real estate market today has more and more high-rise buildings – this is a solution to the problem of increasingly limited land availability and is the result of cutting construction costs.

Along with this type of real estate, urban areas began to sprout, starting with open works (in addition to investing in utility systems to serve internal residents, they also served for people not living in the area. project…), then, due to the influence of urbanization, a closed urban area (Compound model) was formed to address the worries of modern society.

Sunshine City project

All projects are invested in Compound-modeled urban areas that are fully deployed and serve only one object – residents living inside the area. Accordingly, all facilities at the project are built synchronously, fully and modernly, residents can freely experience the utilities of living without moving outside.

At the same time, outsiders are not allowed to enter the project arbitrarily to use the facilities inside. Because of these advantages, the Compound model brings the quality of life, classy amenities and contributes to building community cultural features for residents.

Real estate experts have predicted that: Urban areas are planned according to the Compound model, especially projects with beautiful locations, convenient traffic and adequate infrastructure. leading the way for the rich, especially in the coming time, when the supply of luxury apartments in the inner city will be increasingly limited.

The typical model of the Compound model

Meeting most of the daily necessities for residents, Compound-modeled urban areas do not need to be in the middle of busy streets or central urban districts. Instead, the investors “headache” more for the space factor, location and the convenience of traffic.

Remember, at the end of 2016, the Sunshine City Hanoi project attracted special attention to Ha Thanh real estate when this investor accepted to spend a huge construction area to set up a large-scale utility system. has been in Hanoi with more than 40 classy services, including luxury facilities such as infinity swimming pools, helipads on the rooftop …

The entire utility block at the foot of the 6 buildings of the project really creates a massive commercial center that covers the second most expensive golden street in the city. Besides, there is a full chain of utilities, including sports facilities, educational – cultural facilities to shopping Mall Center, culinary facilities …

The highlight to attract young families is the educational facilities including the international kindergarten and the children’s supply which are fully arranged in all 3 utility floors.

Infinity pool, home cinema, sky bar - luxury entertainment and relaxation facilities for the elite-

Not only that, what surprised the real estate more is that Sunshine City is located at the center of the golden land of Tay Ho Tay, an area that owns an airy living space and many key infrastructure facilities of the city. city.

It can be said that Sunshine City is a typical model of the trend of “closed urban” when owning an ideal living environment such as Melbourne city, beautiful panorama views to the river, lake, large boulevards and the system. closed utility, standard construction planning according to the Compound model.

Families who want to enjoy a convenient space, full of luxury but isolated amenities, absolute safety, and especially quiet after a hard-working day, can consider Sunshine City as a dark choice best in the present time.

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