Protect your rental property in bad weather in Hanoi

In Hanoi, every rainy season comes, our house’s condition will inevitably be damaged more or less. This affects the living space of each family because of having to worry about the damaged condition in the house, and it is not good for you to close the contract and have to return the house to the owner.
Here are some small suggestions for you to help your home reduce the “pressing” every time it rains and storms:

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Ventilation system

If you want your home to always be ventilated and fresh, you should regularly turn on the ventilation system to work. In addition, this is also good for the health of family members, avoids common diseases in the rainy season, avoids the indoor air being too moldy, and creates conditions for bacteria to multiply.

We are the leading real estate leasing agent in Hanoi

Clean the roof

In the rainy season, the roof is the part that is directly and most affected. Therefore, you should inspect your roof before the rainy season arrives, repair leaks and install waterproof coatings on the roof and terrace.

We are the leading real estate leasing agent in Hanoi

Clean the drainage system

The drainage system should be checked before the rainy season arrives. In addition, it is advisable to build a rainwater trench next to the house, clear drainage sewers, fill water holes or waterlogged areas around the house and in the garden, avoid leaving puddles of water, which are a condition for diseases. the rainy season grows and develops more.

Ceiling and wall

The ceiling and walls are two important parts of a house. You should inspect and repair cracks in this place to keep rainwater from getting in. In addition, you should clean your rain gutters weekly to ensure that dirt does not accumulate and that rainwater from the roof is clear.

Alternatively, you can also repaint your wall if the old paint has become ugly. Should choose waterproof paint to avoid paint peeling in the rainy season.

We are the leading real estate leasing agent in Hanoi

Carpets and blankets

Carpets and rugs are important interior decorations of the house. Therefore, you should wash blankets and rugs with detergents to avoid dirt and mildew. In times when the humidity is high in the air, sheets and pillows should be folded and rolled into clean bags and stored in a cool place. Alternatively, you can use a plastic or bamboo carpet instead.


Regularly vacuum the sofa to prevent the fungus from growing, ensuring the health of the whole family.

Furniture and wooden floors

In the rainy season, with high air humidity, wooden furniture such as cabinets, doors or floors is often susceptible to mold, so, you need to take effective measures to preserve:

  • Wooden cabinets: Put a few camphor pills or durian leaves into the cabinet to help remove moisture and protect clothes. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a little clove on clothing to kill insects.
  • Floors: Keep the floor clean, not moldy. After cleaning the floor, let the floor dry and then rub it on with candle wax.
  • Doors: On rainy days, wooden doors often shrink, causing doors and hinges to loosen, so you should check the door hinges and fix or replace them with new hinges to ensure tell the door not to pop.


Install a window shield to prevent the splashing of rainwater when it rains. You should also check the gasket on the window part or other areas where water can seep, to fix it immediately.

Electrical equipment

Regularly monitor and take measures to repair and protect when rainwater seepage is detected in the area near sockets, switches and power cords. Use plastic caps to cover switches or some other electrical equipment such as inverters, generators and voltage stabilizers … and replace damaged wires immediately to avoid electric shock.

Mirror and bathroom

The bathroom is a humid space, especially in the rain, the mirror surface is susceptible to water vapor and yellowing. Therefore, you should regularly clean the mirror, hand wash basin … You can use glass cleaner, baking soda to easily clean. Absolutely keep the toilet clean, as this is the most likely to have bacteria, especially when wet.


In the rainy season, you should regularly clean the kitchen to avoid the damp, wet smell.

Oven mitts

High humidity in the air often causes an oven to rust. Therefore, you should apply a new coat of paint around the oven area.


You should not leave many trees indoors as this will make your home wetter. For ornamental plants in the garden, you should cut down the branches and branches to limit the branches from breaking, causing accidents for everyone.

We are the leading real estate leasing agent in Hanoi

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